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Patriots vs. Bills: Pat Chung's Interception Leads To Alge Crumpler's First TD

Another short field for the Patriots, another touchdown.

This time, it was a diving interception from Pat Chung that set the Patriots up with the ball inside the Buffalo 40-yard line. BenJarvus Green-Ellis converted an early 3rd-and-3 before Tom Brady picked up the needed yard on a 3rd-and-1, and then found tight end Alge Crumpler for his fifth reception and first touchdown of the year.

That’s 24 points in the first half for the Patriots—the third time in the last four weeks they’ve put up that many points before halftime. Of course, Buffalo’s defensive unit isn’t quite as intimidating as Chicago’s or New York’s, but it’s still a pretty impressive number.

The Jets are taking care of business in Chicago with a 24-17 lead, but the Patriots are doing their best to make that inconsequential. They’re just 30 minutes away from the top seed in the AFC.