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Packers Vs. Patriots: Patriots Hold On Against Packers For 31-27 Win

A big sack from Dane Fletcher and some inexperience on the part of the PackersMatt Flynn held the Packers out of the end zone as the Patriots won their 12th game of the season.

This one came down to the wire, and ended with the Packers just 10 yards from a game winning touchdown thanks to Dane Fletcher and Patrick Chung. Fletcher made the big play, sacking Matt Flynn on first down and setting him up with a 3rd-and-long. Green Bay almost managed the first down and possibly more were it not for Pat Chung flying in and making the save a yard short of the first.

It was then that Matt Flynn showed his inexperience. Trying to hustle to the line, but unable to spike the ball, confusion took over. The backup quarterback could not get a call, and ended up having to run one last play looking for the end zone as the clock ticked down to zero.

A closer win than one would expect from the Patriots, and one that’s exposed a few issues. The interior of the offensive line was abused by the Packers’ pass rush, and without Brandon Spikes this defense doesn’t look nearly as strong against the run. Still, there’s plenty of time to correct that, as the Patriots are just one win (or a Jets loss) away from clinching the top seed in the AFC.