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Packers Vs. Patriots: Tully Banta-Cain's Penalty Wipes Out Game-Changing Interception

The call was “illegal use of hands to the face” on Tully Banta-Cain. It came on the back of an interception from Brandon Meriweather that would have all-but-sealed the Patriots’ win. And it’s not a pretty call.

While Banta Cain absolutely stuck his hand up under the offensive lineman’s chin strap, it’s just the latest in a string of plays that could have been called either way going against the Patriots that has New England fans unhappy. After all, Banta-Cain was being held, at one point even by his helmet and facemask. Offsetting penalties, anyone?

The Patriots now have to stop the Packers from getting into the end zone in the last two minutes from within Patriots territory. This one is coming down to the wire.