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Packers Vs. Patriots: New England Tacks On Three, Get Bizzare Defensive Stop

The Patriots drove into field goal range thanks to a big grab from a wide open Wes Welker, but it was their defense on the ensuing Packers drive that was noteworthy.

First, Devin McCourty picked up his first career sack. If you haven’t been paying attention, he’s having quite the season already, and the words “rookie of the year” have been flying left and right tonight.

But more interesting was a simple incompletion. Matt Flynn threw behind his receiver, setting up a long 3rd down which the Packers couldn’t convert. Not exactly unusual until you realize that it was Vince Wilfork on coverage, chugging behind and almost picking the pass when it got batted around. In a game where Dan Connolly almost picked up a touchdown on a kickoff return, it’s looking like anything can happen.