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Packers Vs. Patriots: Defensive Miscues Continue To Hurt New England

Another penalty and another defensive error has the Patriots in a 24-21 hole as Matt Flynn found John Kuhn for a six yard touchdown pass.

The big penalty came on a big stop at the line by Vince Wilfork. Wilfork was held, but reached out and snagged the ball carrier’s facemask on the way by for 15-yards, possibly saving the Packers’ drive.

Then, if the earlier collision between Brandon Meriweather and Devin McCourty wasn’t enough, another ugly play cost the Patriots at least four points. On third down from the 6 yard line, Matt Flynn found John Kuhn. Kyle Arrington had the outside route secured, forcing Kuhn to cut inside…and right past Rob Ninkovich, who had slipped and fallen to his knees, giving Kuhn an easy lane to the end zone.

The Patriots offensive line is getting run off the field, and the defense is either coming up big or not at all right now. These are dangerous times for New England.