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Packers Vs. Patriots: Dan Connolly's Amazing Return Sets Up Second Pats Touchdown

The Packers have been loathe to kick it deep to return man Brandon Tate tonight, opting instead for an onsides kick and two short boots to 30-yard line. Generally, this is a pretty safe move.

Not so when the man returning it is 313 pound offensive lineman Dan Connolly! Awkwardly securing the ball with two hands (and arms) at about the 30, Connolly cut outside, charged downfield, and found himself at the 4-yard line before he was stopped. There are not many linemen who can claim they’ve ever done that.

After getting stopped on the first two downs, Tom Brady danced around the pocket for a long time before finding Aaron Hernandez just past the goal line, bringing the Patriots within three points of the Packers.