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Packers Vs. Patriots: Aaron Rodgers Has 'Slim' Chance Of Practicing

Aaron Rodgers was not at the short media portion of practice on Thursday, a day after he completely sat out Wednesday's practice. Rodgers, who suffered a concussion in Sunday's loss to the Lions, will likely be sidelined all week, and head coach Mike McCarthy said there's a "slim" chance he practices before Sunday. 

"Aaron Rodgers didn't not practice today," said McCarthy after Wednesday's practice. "He's going through the normal protocol that you go through with the concussion procedures. I don't anticipate him practicing tomorrow. And I think there'd be a slim chance for him to practice on Friday. So we'll probably make a decision on Saturday, if he is cleared by the medical staff."

And now we can officially not expect a decision by Green Bay until this weekend. The team's official Twitter account has said that the "decision on Rodgers ... will be made on Saturday."