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Patriots Vs. Bears: Chilly In Chicago

Thought Foxboro was cold on Monday? You ain’t seen nothing yet. WGN says Sunday will be a little chilly.

Sunday could see a high of around 17 degrees — and that will be sometime in the morning. Winds will pick up, maybe gusting to 45 mph, as temperatures drop into the lower single digits by night. The cold will stay with us Monday, with some areas registered subzero temperatures.

That’s pretty cold even for us New Englanders! Of course, it’s nothing the Patriots aren’t used to, and Tom Brady is one of the best cold-weather quarterbacks in the game (not like that guy Manning who plays in a dome), but still.

Big winds like that may serve as something of an equalizer between Tom Brady and Jay Cutler in the passing game. Of course, it could also serve to hide New England’s suspect passing defense.

Either way, it’s a good thing the Patriots also have the #1 rushing offense in the NFL.