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It's A Miracle! Patriots Offense Finds It Rhythm, Hernandez Reels In Touchdown

It all started with a Rob Gronkowski catch.

Or maybe it was the first down sack that knocked the cobwebs out of Brady’s head. One way or another, Brady delivered a strike, Gronkowski caught it, and the Patriots were off.

The drive nearly stalled after BenJarvus Green Ellis was taken down from behind on third-and-short, but Bill Belichik elected to go for it instead of kicking a reasonable field goal, and a great play-action set up an easy toss-and-catch to Sammy Morris, setting the Pats up with only a few yards to go.

On second down, Aaron Hernandez leapt into the air to retrieve a tipped pass from Brady in the back of the end zone, and got both feet in before falling to the ground, putting the Pats on the board.