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Former Patriots Employees McDaniels And Scarnecchia Punished For Broncos Illegal Filming Incident

The NFL fined the Denver Broncos head coach, and former Patriots offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels $50,000 on Saturday after the team reported that an employee illegally filmed the San Francisco 49ers practice in London last month.

The Broncos also fired former Patriots employee Steve Scarnecchia for filming the 49ers walkthrough practice. Scarnecchia was fired three years ago by the Patriots after he illegally taped the New York Jets practice.

Scarnecchia taped the 49ers practice the day before the two teams played in London on Oct. 31, a game in which the Broncos went on to lose, 24-16. The team received the video on Nov. 8, but did not notify the league until four days later.

McDaniels has claimed that he never looked at the tapes, however the NFL fined him because he did not report the incident immediately and accepted the NFL's punishment.

"I understand the punishment from the National Football League and support its commitment to the integrity of the game," McDaniels said. "We have addressed the situation internally to assure that nothing like this happens again."

McDaniels was an assistant with the Patriots in 2007 when the Spygate allegations came out, which eventually cost the Patriots and coach Bill Belichick a total of $750,000 and their first-round draft pick.