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Randy Moss On Waivers, Titans Reportedly Submit Claim For Receiver

The Tennessee Titans have submitted a claim for Randy Moss, according to SI's Don Banks. This means that assuming no one with a higher waiver priority -- the Titans sit at No. 23 -- then Moss will be headed to Nashville (assuming he decides to show up, of course). 

For Tennessee, a claim makes sense -- they just lost their leading receiver, Kenny Britt, to a hamstring injury he's expected out for a few weeks. And at 5-3, they sit in second place in the AFC South. 

However, Banks also notes that St. Louis is interested. If the Rams decided to put in a claim, then they would get Moss, because of their higher position on the waiver order (the Rams are at No. 14). 

At this point, just minutes away from the 4 P.M. ET deadline, it appears five teams are in the mix for Moss: Titans, Rams, Dolphins, Saints and Chargers (of those four, San Diego has the waiver priority). According to Sporting News, seven clubs have already said they will not be putting in claims: Browns, Jets, Ravens, Cowboys, Seahawks, Chiefs and the Giants.