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Randy Moss Reportedly Meets With Jets In New Jersey

According to WFAN's Craig Carton, Randy Moss was in New Jersey on Tuesday, meeting with the new York Jets. Moss was reportedly placed on waivers Tuesday; teams have 24 hours to claim him, with the Buffalo Bills getting the first opportunity. The waiver order is determined by overall record, thus the Jets are 29th, and the Patriots last. 

Carton, who cites an unnamed source, says Moss spent Monday in Boston before traveling to New Jersey on Tuesday, meeting with the Jets  "at the same spot Mark Sanchez likes to frequent near his home."

"There's no doubt in my mind, just to prevent the Patriots from going down that road again, the Jets will put a claim in for Randy Moss," Carton said.

Boomer [Esiason] added, "I would think that if he falls to the Jets, then the Jets would take him."