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Patriots vs. Colts: After First Empty Drive, Woodhead Comes Up Big

The Patriots had their first empty drive after a Dwight Freeney sack set up the Patriots with an insurmountable 2nd-and-18. The Colts returned the favor, coming up short just inside Patriots territory and giving the ball back to Brady.

From there, it was short gain after short gain, as a balanced run-pass attack brought the Pats into Colts territory. With 36 yards to go, Brady handed the ball of to Danny Woodhead, and instead of another small gain, the diminutive running back broke off a great run, breaking tackles and dodging defenders to go all the way into the end zone.

He even went ahead and made a big tackle on special teams, upending the return man on the ensuing kickoff.

Peyton just threw his second interception of the game, this time to Devin McCourty with nobody else in the area. The Patriots can make this a big fourth quarter lead with another score.