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Patriots vs. Colts: Patriots Start Rivalry With A Pick, Put Up Six

The Patriots have started off the latest installment of their rivalry with the Colts off on the right defensive foot, picking off Peyton Manning on the Colts’ opening drive.

Things weren’t so pretty the whole time. Manning converted the Colts’ first third down before finding a wide open Austin Collie for nearly 30 yards. Still, the Pats held firm, and got good pressure on Manning and forced a bad throw over the head of his receiver and into the waiting arms of Brandon Meriweather, who brought the ball well into Indianapolis territory.

From there, it only took one strong 3rd down conversion from Sammy Morris, and a strike to Wes Welker down the middle to put points on the board, as Welker fought for the last few yards, falling into the end zone for the touchdown.

A good quick start for New England. Indianapolis hasn’t had any luck on the ground so far, and any time you get a pick off of Peyton Manning, you take it.