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Randy Moss Officially Released By Vikings, According To Reports

What supposedly happened on Monday has now officially happened on Tuesday: the Minnesota Vikings have released Randy Moss, placing the receiver on waivers, according to reports. This now means that teams have 24 hours to claim him, beginning with the worst team in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills. 

Because they have the best record in the league, the Patriots will be the last team with a chance to claim Moss, assuming he drops that far. 

According to PFT's Mike Florio, there will be a "boatload" of teams to submit a claim. Including the Patriots. 

In addition to the Patriots, plenty of other teams will be in play. As we suggested Monday, he fits the Jets' profile for collecting veteran players -- and for tweaking the Patriots. This dynamic pulls the Dolphins into play, which in turn could prompt the 0-7 Bills to make the only noise they can in the AFC East by using their top position in the waiver process to claim Moss.

And of course, there's the possibility no one claims him -- and the $3.6 million owed to him -- in which case Moss would become a free agent, able to sign where he chooses, provided his new team agrees to a new contract with the receiver.