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Patriots At Steelers: Patriots Lead Smaller Than It Seems At Half

It’s just a seven point lead for the Patriots after one of the more impressive halves the team has played all year.

You can attribute this to some bad drops. Brandon Tate and Wes Welker, in particular, have cost the Patriots a drive.

If you were so inclined, you could also blame the refs. The offensive pass interference call on Rob Gronkowski that took away a big first down in Steeler’s territory was weak at best.

As for those three points the Steelers have, well, they took a lot of last-second scrambles from Ben Rothelisberger away from a Patriots defense that has been winning the battle at the line all night.

If the Pats can eliminate their mistakes, it should just be a matter of keeping it up. They played like a Super Bowl team in the first half.

New England will receive the ball at the half with a chance to make it a two score game.