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Patriots At Steelers: Patriots Looking Strong, Take 7-0 Lead On Gronkowski's Touchdown

It’s hard to imagine a better start for the Patriots than that. After winning the coin toss and choosing to kick, the Patriots forced a quick 3-and-out, with Gary Guyton swatting a ball down at the line on 2nd down and Kyle Arrington tipping another on 3rd.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, who had been particularly bad in last week’s loss to the Browns, wasted little time in making good on the Patriots’ first offensive opportunity. Gronkowski caught three passes, including a 19-yard strike into end zone on 3rd-and-9 to give the Pats the early lead.

Brady is throwing Bullets, BenJarvus broke a long run, and the tight ends are catching passes. The Patriots are working like a well-oiled machine right now.