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Week 10 NFL Injuries: Fred Taylor Returns To Practice, Tom Brady Not Present

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Fred Taylor's road to recovery took a big step on Wednesday when he practiced with the Patriots' for the first time since Sept. 24. The running back hasn't played since the Week 3 win over the Bills, dealing with a tow injury. Taylor was certainly happy to be back, but remains cautious

"I'm just happy to be at the point that I am because the past six, seven weeks have been pretty frustrating, but I've got to just keep grinding it out," Taylor said.

"The initial prognosis was bad, to the point of tears, and all the other stuff that comes with it. But I'm here, and we'll see how it goes from this point."

Tom Brady, however, was not present at Wednesday's practice, the first time he's missed a practice this season. He's also listed on the team's injury report with a foot injury (in addition to the standard shoulder ailment). Much ado about nothing? Probably. But worth keeping an eye on this week, especially since he was at the Patriots' facility today.