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Randy Moss Not Yet Released, Not On Monday's Waiver Sheet

Monday afternoon, it was reported by NFL Network's Michael Lombardi that the Vikings had released Randy Moss, just one month after trading for him. And then things got interesting. 

According to multiple reports, Moss was not listed on Monday's waiver sheet, meaning he has not yet officially been released. The Vikings can still decide to release Moss, but as of Monday at 6 P.M. ET, that move had not happened yet. 

Apparently, the decision to waive Moss was that of Brad Childress', and his alone. The other two-thirds of the Vikings' decision-making team, GM Rick Spielman and Rob Brzezinski (VP of football operations), only learned of the plans to waive Moss when the NFL Network reported it. The three are supposed to have an equal say in personnel decisions. 

There has been no official word from the team, and reportedly Moss and Moss' agent have not yet been informed of a release. According to NFLN's Jason La Canfora, "not all in the organization were on board with the move."

In short: Brad Childress told his team they would be releasing Randy Moss. But they haven't actually done so ... yet.