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Randy Moss Released, Miami Dolphins And Seattle Seahawks Reportedly Showing Interest

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According to Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, both the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks have already expressed interest in claiming Randy Moss. The Vikings released the wide receiver Monday afternoon, for reasons that are still unknown at this point. Linebacker Ben Leber said that Brad Childress told the team about the move in a team meeting today, but did not tell them why. 

"No reason, really, [he] just wanted to give everybody a heads-up and say this is what's going on, and that's it," Leber said. "He didn't really dive into any details, and just said that's what were going to go with."

The Dolphins are likely interested in putting a claim in for Moss not only to block him from the Patriots, but also to bolster their offense, which is averaging just 19 points per game. Seattle, first place in the NFC West, could use another receiver after trading away Deion Branch to New England (and after their unsuccessful attempt to land VIncent Jackson). 

Both teams, however, are in the bottom half of the NFL waiver order, determined by win-loss record (thus, the Patriots are the final team to have an opportunity to claim Moss). Read more about the waiver process at SB Nation

Any club that claims Moss would also be on the hook for his remaining 2010 salary, or $3.39 million for nine remaining games