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Randy Moss Released, And The Patriots React

With Monday's release of Randy Moss from the Vikings, shock-waves have been sent throughout the NFL, especially in New England. But reaction from the Patriots players thus far has been very ... Patriot-like. 

Tom Brady let out a deep sigh and said, "No comment from my guys." Then he added, "It's the NFL," while shaking his head. When reached for comment, Vince Wilfork only said, "I'm not talking, fellas."

Wes Welker was a bit more open with his feelings though, saying he was "absolutely" surprised to hear that Moss was released.

Welker laughs when asked if team would welcome Moss back with open arms. "That's all Coach Belichick's decision," he says. "Whatever (Belichick) decides we're open to as a team and I'm sure he'll do what's best for the organization."

(Quotes and reactions collected from the Twitter accounts of WEEI's Christopher Price,'s Tom Curran, Herald's Ian Rapoport and ESPN's Mike Reiss.)