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Randy Moss Released, Now Hits The Waiver Wire

Randy Moss was released by the Vikings Monday afternoon, as originally reported by the NFL Network's Michael Lombardi and now confirmed by Fox Sports' Jay Glazer, who added that "players told me he said that's not the type of guy they wanted there."

Linebacker Ben Leber has also confirmed the report to Minneapolis Star Tribune's Judd Zulgad.

Because this decision comes after the trade deadline, Moss will now hit the waiver wire. All 32 teams will have a chance to claim the receiver, in order from worst record in the league -- the Buffalo Bills -- to the team with the best record -- the New England Patriots. Lombardi has already predicted that Moss will go unclaimed, which will make him a free agent, free to sign where he pleases. 

Regardless of what happens next, one thing is for certain: the Vikings gave up a third-round draft pick for four games of Randy Moss. 

This decision from Brad Childress and the Vikings comes the day after Moss expressed just how much he missed playing on the Patriots during his postgame press conference

The captains, [Vince] Wilfork, Tommy Boy, Kevin Faulk, I miss them guys. I miss the team. It was hard for me to come here and play, an up-and-down roller coaster for me all week ... I kind of know what type of feeling is in their locker room and I want to be able to tell they guys that I miss the hell out of them, every last helmet in that locker room.