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Brett Favre Injury Has Quarterback Asking, 'What In The World Am I Doing?'

Brett Favre entered Sunday's game against the Patriots with tendonitis in his right elbow, and two fractures in his left ankle. And then the Myron Pryor hit happened, knocking him out of the game and opening a gash on Favre's chin that resulted in 8-10 stitches (depending on who you ask). After the game, Favre expressed his concerns over the physical nature of football, and what he might be doing to his body, via WEEI's  Mike Petraglia.

"Talk to me in 10 years, we may think differently, but then again, we may not," said Favre, who finished 22-of-32 for 259 yards and an interception. "Weighing that, from the physical side of it, I really can't complain. I probably should. I played with a broken foot and got eight stitches in my chin and you all know I've been battling[elbow] tendinitis. I thought I threw the ball as well as I have thrown it in quite a while. We ran a couple of bootlegs.

"I had to come and take a seat at the end of the game, which is rare for me. Going into the tunnel on the cart, I thought to myself for a brief second, 'What in the world am I doing?' But there's nothing like competing but then again there's nothing worse than losing."

In his time with the media, Favre said he needed eight stitches, but head coach Brad Childress said it was 10 stitches, adding that the quarterback felt "woozy." 

"He has a laceration underneath his chin, took 10 stitches (Favre said it was eight) to close and got a little woozy," Childress said. "Which doesn't happen to him often." [...] 

"I don't think they took him to the X-ray room," Childress said. "I think they just sewed him up."

The Vikings play the Cardinals at home in WEek 9, and Favre expects to play.