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Wes Welker Surprised Randy Moss Was So Adamant About Being Traded

Even though there are rumors swirling that the New England Patriots are trying to trade for a marquee wide receiver to replace Randy Moss, it’s too early to tell if a sensible deal will materialize. For the time being at least, Wes Welker will be expected to pick up the production slack left by Moss’ departure. For a guy that underwent ACL surgery not too long ago, that may be a lot to ask, but if there’s anybody who’s up for it, it’s Welker.

When asked about the decision to trade Moss, Welker expressed that he was surprised — not by the fact that the Patriots traded him, but by how Moss was so interested in getting out of town.

Welker talked about the reports that Moss pushed for the trade. It was something that he was clearly not happy with hearing.

“I think that was kind of the difficult thing, just because he was the guy giving the pep talks before games and halftime, and after the game,” Welker said.

“Not knowing he wanted to be traded the whole time was a little bit disappointing. At the same time, he’s doing what’s best for him. It’s a business. You just have to roll with it.”