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Patriots And Chargers Reportedly Engaged In Vincent Jackson Trade Talks

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You can probably expect more of the same until an actual deal is done, but on Thursday evening, Tom Curran of Comcast SportsNet reported that the New England Patriots are in talks with the San Diego Chargers about a possible trade for wide receiver Vincent Jackson. The Patriots, of course, are searching for Randy Moss’s replacement after trading him away to the Minnesota Vikings earlier this week.

Earlier today, Deion Branch was mentioned as a possible target for the Patriots. To me, a trade involving Vincent Jackson makes a lot more sense than does one for Branch.

Talks are preliminary at this point but the idea of the Patriots acquiring Jackson in exchange for Logan Mankins is in play.

Mankins and Jackson are in identical contractual situations. They are restricted free agents in their fifth seasons in the league. Had the expiring CBA not intervened, both would have been free agents last offseason. Both men have opted to sit out rather than play for their tender offers.