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VIDEO: Enough Randy Moss Highlights To Help You Forget The Trade (Maybe)

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"Every field or court he's ever stepped on, to play whatever game he's wanted to play, he's been the best athlete. That's his perspective. He doesn't know any other perspective. He doesn't know it any other way."

That's how Brian Billick introduces Randy Moss, the 65th greatest NFL player of all-time

"My whole goal is to just come in and do whatever I can to wreck this whole league."

And that's how we first meet Moss in what is a great five-minute highlight package from the NFL Network of truly one of the best receivers the league has ever seen. 

After the jump, a couple YouTube-friendly videos.

All 23 touchdowns of Randy Moss' record-setting 2007 season: 

And eight minutes of Moss' first two seasons with the Patriots

The part when he caught the touchdown was my favorite.