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Randy Moss Three Weeks Ago: 'I’m Their Baby, I’m A Viking'

Randy Moss is on his way back to Minnesota, the place where he captivated the NFL as a rookie in 1998. And depending who you believe, he did so without much fuss.'s Gary Tanguay reported late Tuesday night that the relationship between Moss and Bill Belichick was not a good one, saying that the receiver went to work Tuesday "unhappy," and that he "had words" with Belichick.

I was told Moss and his head coach had a get-together Tuesday. Call it "words," call it a "conversation," call it whatever you want. But you cannot call it Belichick patting his receiver on the back. Their relationship is not in a good place.

But according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the two parted ways amicably

Belichick informed Moss by phone this morning and both men had a very cordial conversation, a source said. Moss excited about Minn return.

That last bit -- about Moss being excited to return to the Vikings -- that's the part no one can argue with. 

In an interview with's Steve Silva on Sept. 14, Moss made no secret about his feelings toward Minnesota. 

"The Minnesota Vikings know that they drafted me there and when it's all said and done I'm their baby, I'm a Viking," Moss said in a Sept. 14 interview with's Steve Silva. "But the opportunity that I couldn't pass up to become a New England Patriot in 2007 is, from a football player's standpoint, that's a dream man because you want to be part of an organization that is about winning. Their three Super Bowl rings is not what brought me here. What they're able to continue to do after those Super Bowl rings is what brought me here, but their ability to stay together, their ability to love the team concept, win or lose, that's something I can hang my hat on."