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Conflicting Reports Of Randy Moss To Vikings Trade Continue To Swirl

Originally it was reported that a deal to send Randy Moss to the Vikings would require Minnesota to first reach a contract extension with the wide receiver, and since New England hasn't giving him permission to do so, the trade was seemingly all but dead. But now Jay Glazer of Fox Sports is claiming that the Vikings "could end up makin the deal even w/out a new contract for moss if it comes down to it." 

Elsewhere on the Internet -- an Internet that is about to break (what?) if's Tom Curran is to be believed -- Curran is maintaing that the deal is not going to happen, citing "two Patriots sources and Vikings head coach Brad Childress."

Curran acknowledges that there is certainly smoke, and where there is smoke there tends to be fire, but as it stands right now, nothing's happening

My take? I've spoken to Patriots sources. I've spoken to teammates of Moss. I've spoken to Vikings coach Brad Childress (a guy who's got a spotty record with the truth when it comes to football matters). If something was up, it is now down. Laid to rest, put to bed.