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Monday Night Football: Brandon Tate's 103-Yard Kickoff Return Sparks Second Half, Patriots 20-7 Lead

The Dolphins' lead did not last very long into the second half. On the opening kickoff, Brandon Tate took it 103 yards for a touchdown, giving the Patriots their first advantage of the night.

It's the second kickoff Tate has returned for a TD in the first four games of the season. 

On the Dolphins' following possession, the Pats' defense forced a three-and-out, but before Brandon Fields could punt it away, Patrick Chung broke through the middle and blocked the kick, giving New England the ball on Miami's 15-yard line. Two plays later, BenJarvus Green-Ellis powered his way to a 12-yard touchdown, giving the Patriots a 20-7 lead. 

In all, New England scored 14 points in 2:16 of game time while running just two offensive plays.