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Monday Night Football: Patriots Add Field Goal, Trail Dolphins At The Half, 7-6

For the second series in a row Monday night, a Dolphins' possession came to an abrupt end when Patriots OLB Rob Ninkovich picked off Chad Henne, giving the Patriots the ball with 2:47 left in the first half. That's when Tom Brady and New England went to work. 

Brady went 8-for-10 on a 13-play, 63-yard drive that sliced through the Dolphins' defense before eventually running out of time. With 12 seconds left on the Miami 12-yard line, Brady did a fake-spike and made a back-shoulder throw to Randy Moss, but the receiver couldn't haul in what would have been a touchdown, despite having it hit his hands. 

A sack followed, forcing the Pats to kick a 30-yard field goal cutting the Dolphins lead to 7-6 at the half. 

In their final two drives on the first half, the Patriots totaled 118 yards on 29 plays, and took 11:58 off the clock, but only have six points to show for it. 

At the half, neither Brandon Marshall nor Moss has a reception.