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In Foxboro, Halloween Comes Early

You know that rush to the costume store you always do on October 30 in an attempt to willy-nilly put together a Halloween costume that might not appear as if it came from Lady Gaga's closet?

If you live in Foxboro, you may want to adjust your plans. 

According to the Attleboro Sun-Chronicle, Foxboroans (Foxborites? Foxbornians?) will be celebrating the holiday a day early, since the Patriots take on the Vikings at 4:15 on the 31st. The relocation of the holiday will not only give tailgaters and local collegians alike another day of scantily clad debauchery, it will protect trick-or-treaters from the perils of thousands of fans in a rush to get home from the game. 

The Patriots fully support the town's initiative, which may be the first time in Foxboro's history that Halloween has been rescheduled. It is the first of two holidays on which the Patriots play this year, as they travel to Detroit for the Lions' traditional Thanksgiving game. 

The Vikings' trip to New England is one of the highlights of a Patriots' home schedule that already featured the Cincinnati Bengals and welcomes Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts in November. Despite the arrivals of Carson Palmer and Peyton Manning, however, the tilt with the Vikings should feature the NFL's most notorious quarterback.

That said, I'd like to once again issue my plea for someone to show up at the game dressed as a flip-flop or waffle wearing a Brett Favre jersey. Do it for me. Do it for your community. Do it for America.