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Video Of Myron Pryor Hitting Brett Favre, Injury Results In Eight Stitches

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After Sunday's loss to New England, a game he was forced out of when he suffered a laceration on his chin early in the fourth, Brett Favre admitted to having a having a "What was I thinking?" [coming back to the NFL] moment, but pointed out that it was one of his better games despite all the injuries

"I really can't complain, although I probably should," said Favre, who left in the fourth quarter with a cut on his chin that he said needed eight stitches. "I have a broken foot. I have eight stitches in my chin. I've had tendinitis in my elbow, but I threw it as well as I have all season."

After seeing the video, one wouldn't blame Favre for having some second thoughts about making another return to the NFL (if and when it's pulled from YouTube, watch it at