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Vikings At Patriots: McCourty Picks Favre, Lawfirm Turns It Into 21-10 Lead

Devin McCourty is really making a name for himself. After nearly picking a Favre bomb earlier in the game, he managed to steal one from Percy Harvin to set up the Patriots for another touchdown drive.

The play came on 2nd-and-1 in Patriots territory. Faking the handoff to Peterson, Favre targeted Percy Harvin 15 yards away. McCourty was having none of it, not only knocking the ball out of Harvin’s hands, but slapping it off the receiver’s knee and into his arms, returning it allthe way to the Minnesota 37.

From there, it took the Patriots just four plays to put the ball in the endzone, with BenJarvus Green-Ellis netting 27 yards and the touchdown on three runs.

The Pats offense is rolling now, and the defense hasn’t let the Vikings have much since Adrian Peterson opened the game with a touchdown drive.But it’s still just an 11-point game with a full quarter to go.