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Brad Childress Reportedly 'Leaning Toward' Sitting Brett Favre, Starting Tarvaris Jackson

Brett Favre was spotted without his walking boot on Thursday, which is a sign the quarterback's injured left ankle is healing, but according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, head coach Brad Childress is leaning toward having the future Hall of Famer sit. Minnesota would then turn to Tarvaris Jackson. 

According to an NFL source, Childress is leaning toward having Tarvaris Jackson open Sunday at quarterback -- a move that would end Favre's NFL-record streak of 291 consecutive starts. Favre, who has played through numerous injuries during his 20-year NFL career, has "confided" in some close to him he's not convinced Childress will let him play against New England, the NFL Network also reported Thursday night.

There have been reports of Favre trying to practice on Friday, and wearing an over-sized shoe on his left foot so he can play with a brace on the ankle. Additionally, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell was quoted as saying he'd be surprised if Favre wasn't under center on Sunday. So for now, it would seem that Favre is still very much questionable, and that we won't know much more until after the Vikings practice on Friday.