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Brett Favre: 'I Would Love To Play'

Brett Favre addressed the media gathered at the Vikings' facilities Wednesday afternoon, wearing a walking boot on his left leg to protect his fractured ankle. And even though he hasn't practiced this week, and isn't practicing on Wednesday, he's still hoping to play Sunday against the Patriots, saying, "I would love to play."

He says they'll continue to treat it but he's always been able to heal a little quicker than most people. "It's worth considering to play. I'll be honest with myself and Brad [Childress] when that time comes. I don't know if that's pre-game. Right before kickoff or if it's tomorrow."

He added that doctors aren't going to rule him out of Sunday's game -- it's just a matter of whether or not Favre thinks he can, and can be effective.

Favre said he's hoping to have a more definite answer one way or another by Friday. 

Missing the game against the Patriots, of course, would end Favre's NFL-record consecutive games started streak, which stands at 291 games.