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Belichick, Brady Expect To See Brett Favre On Sunday

Brett Favre suffered a couple fractures in his left ankle in Sunday night's loss to the Packers. The Vikings have not ruled him out, only saying he's "day-to-day," but he was seen Monday in a walking boot, and rumors are already spreading that Minnesota is practicing as though Tarvaris Jackson will start Sunday. 

But until they hear otherwise, the Patriots are fully expecting to see Favre on Sunday, with Tom Brady saying, "If there's any chance of him playing, he's going to make it out there. He's one of the toughest payers to ever suit up in the NFL."

Bill Belichick reflected the same line of thinking in Monday's press conference:

"Of course, he's started 8,000 games, hasn't he?'' Belichick said. "At the same time, we were hearing the same thing about [Chargers tight end Antonio] Gates last week and how he wasn't going to play and all that. I don't know you can ever count a player like that out. I don't know when the last time Gates has missed a game. Favre is Lou Gehrig.

"Of course I expect him to be there.''