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NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: Patriots Hold Steady At No. 3 Spot In WEEI's Rankings

The Week 8 NFL Power Rankings from WEEI are out, and the Patriots have maintained their No. 3 position, just behind the Steelers (No. 1) and the Jets (No. 2). 

This team has been criticized for its poor play on the road and in the second half in the past. On Sunday, however, the Patriots stepped up their game and managed to win on the road. After struggling mightily on offense in the first half, Tom Brady led a 76-yard touchdown drive to open the third quarter that took over eight minutes off the clock. Bill Belichick's young defense is making noteworthy progress and has become fun to watch.

Similar to the SB Nation Power Rankings, the AFC dominates the top ten, with seven teams among the top third of the league. The biggest contract may be the Dolphins. While SBN has them No. 18, WEEI puts Miami in the No. 9 position, bumping them up one spot despite Sunday's loss to the Steelers, saying, " it was a tough break for the Dolphins, who played well against one of the best in the NFL."