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Patriots At Chargers: New England Adds Field Goal, Leads 13-3 At Halftime

The Patriots may not be making the most of their offensive opportunities, but they still hold a 10-point lead at halftime.

It has been ugly, ugly, ugly for Tom Brady and co. so far today. The offensive line hasn’t been able to keep the defense out of the backfield, as Matt Light is being abused with regularity. When Brady isn’t about to get sacked, he’s throwing too short, too long, or to unexpecting receivers with their backs turned. Something is clearly wrong with this group.

Luckily for New England, the defense has come to play, and between some big stops and some big Chargers mistakes, the Chargers have still only managed to cash in on the one field goal.

Bill Belichick will get an opportunity to try and set the offense straight in the locker room. A solid showing in the second half would go a long way towards leaving California with a win.