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Rodney Harrison: "Meriweather Is Not A Dirty Player"

One day after Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather was handed a $50,000 fine from the NFL, NBC football analyst and former Patriot Rodney Harrison came to Meriweather's defense and said there was nothing wrong with his helmet-to-helmet hit on the Ravens Todd Heap.

"I asked Brandon, ‘If the NFL fines you a great deal of money or they suspend you, will this change the way you play?' He told me absolutely," said Harrison. "That’s the message the NFL is sending and I think a lot of players will echo that same sentiment."

Harrison, a former safety himself is no stranger to making big hits from his position as he has earned a few fines himself.  Harrison is among many NFL personalities to come out and say they have an issue with players being fined and possibly suspended for hits on the football field.