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Tom Brady: '[Ravens] Talk A Lot For Beating Us Once In Nine Years'

It's the morning after the Patriots' 23-20 win over the Ravens, New England's biggest victory of 2010, and Tom Brady is using his scheduled appearance with WEEI Monday morning to respond to Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs.

"He had his chance. Maybe if he gets another chance he can try to back those words up. But he had a chance yesterday."

Suggs and Brady were seen face mask-to-face mask, screaming at each other late in Sunday's game. The verbal jarring continued afterward, with Suggs saying that Brady "just better hope he doesn't see us again."

"You know, we've played guys a lot, and they've beat us one time in all the times that I've played them. They talk a lot for beating us once in nine years."

Baltimore is 1-4 against Brady and the Patriots since 2001, with the lone win coming in last season's Wild Card round.