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New Big East Commissioner Will Be CBS Sports VP Mike Aresco

The transitioning Big East will announce John Aresco as its new commissioner Tuesday afternoon, in hopes the television executive can secure the conference a lucrative TV contract.

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UConn's conference will announce a new leader Tuesday afternoon, as reports indicate the Big East has chosen CBS VP Mike Aresco to be the conference's new commissioner.

Former Boston Globe writer Mark Blaudschun broke the news in a report other sources have since corroborated. The CBS executive has been in charge of negotiations with the NCAA and the SEC over TV deals, a history which surely affected the league's choice as they look to begin new contract negotiations in September.

Boston College fans have probably been able to take some sort of pleasure from the unstable nature of their former conference as Big East mainstays Syracuse and Pittsburgh each will the league for BC's current home, the ACC, after this athletic year. Those departures cost John Marinatto his job as the league's commish, a job which has been filled by Joseph Bailey in an interim role since May. However, with four new conference members entering the league after this season and a seasoned television veteran in charge of securing a lucrative contract, perhaps the conference is headed toward some form of stability.

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