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Big East Interim Commissioner: 'No Indication' Of Basketball/Football Split

Just two days after Big East commissioner John Marinatto resigned, the interim commissioner Joe Bailey, held a press conference via conference call on Wednesday. Bailey had a wide range of topics to cover including whether or not there will be a split between the basketball and football membership of the conference.

Bailey said about a possible split:

The reality of the situation is that there has been no indication from anybody that I have talked to ‑‑ and again, I haven't talked to everybody, but from anybody that I've talked to, I've talked to quite a number of people that there's any kind of ‑‑ even close to this idea of any kind of split. (via

Bailey also had to address a rumor that Boise State would be reconsidering Big East membership now that they will need to find a new conference for their Olympic sports. Bailey was not aware if the Broncos had asked the conference for help on this issue but they apparently have (via Brian Murphy's Twitter).

Bailey said about Boise State as well as San Diego State:

"Well, my sense is that unless you hear differently, I think that there's full commitment from their standpoint.

"You can't ‑‑ there's an expectation market, and then there's the reality market. And the reality of it is that those schools have indicated, to my knowledge, to the executive committee and to the other members, that they have a big belief that the Big East is a really good partner for them.

Bailey did not feel comfortable engaging in speculation as to whether or not Syracuse and Pittsburgh will leave the Big East for the ACC in 2013, ahead of the end of the 27-month exit window created by the Big East's bylaws. Both schools are expected to leave after the 2012-2013 basketball season (via Zags Blog).

Bailey felt that the conference would have a full-time commissioner in place by September, when the league will begin TV contract negotiations.

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