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NBA Draft Combine 2012: UConn's Andre Drummond, Jeremy Lamb Expected To Attend

Andre Drummond and Jeremy Lamb are both expected to be lottery picks in the 2012 NBA Draft.

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Former Connecticut Huskies Andre Drummond and Jeremy Lamb are expected to attend the 2012 NBA Draft Combine on July 7-8 in Chicago, according to Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports.

Both of the Huskies had relatively disappointing seasons, but are expected to be lottery picks nonetheless.

Lamb, one year after playing second-fiddle to Kemba Walker during UConn's national championship run, averaged 17.7 points on efficient marks from the field, but failed to raise the level of his teammates' play as Walker had done the prior year. He is expected to be selected closer to the bottom of the lottery.

Drummond averaged 10.0 points and 7.6 rebounds as a freshman, relatively underwhelming production for such a highly-touted, physically-imposing big man. He is still expected to go somewhere in the top five picks of the 2012 NBA Draft, perhaps as high as No. 2 behind Anthony Davis.

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