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Big East Expansion: Boise State Remains Committed To Joining Big East In 2013

The Boise State Broncos gave the Big East a scare when they announced they would consider remaining in the Mountain West Conference. That temporary indecision reportedly appears to be over for the near future (via CBS Sports).

Despite Boise State's renewed commitment to the Big East, they still do not know where they will place their Olympic sports. Two options are the WAC and the Big West.

What reportedly gave the Broncos pause about joining the Big East was: the uncertainty of the Big East's future membership composition, the difficulty in finding a home for Boise State's Olympic sports, the disappearance of AQ status from the BCS and the threat of making far less money from the next Big East TV contract than anticipated.

If Boise State had left the Big East before they officially joined in 2013, the Broncos would have owe a $5 million exit fee.

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