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UConn 2013 NCAA Tournament Ban Stands After Final Appeal Denied

The final Connecticut Huskies appeal has been denied by the NCAA Committee on Academic Performance, the school announced on Thursday, meaning that UConn's 2013 NCAA Tournament ban will stand, at least for now.

The Huskies are currently ineligible to play in nest year's NCAA Tournament, but that could change if the NCAA changes its academic standards before then.

UConn was hit with the 2013 NCAA tournament ban due to poor academic performance, but appealed on the premise that the team's academic performance had improved recently.

Due to a recent ruling of Big East presidents, the Huskies will also be ineligible for the 2013 Big East Tournament if they are not eligible for the NCAA Tournament.

The Huskies lost in the first round to Iowa State in the 2012 NCAA tournament, 77-64, after finishing the regular season 20-13.

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