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Printable NCAA Bracket 2012: Kentucky Is The Last Team Standing

The favorite to win the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament did so Monday, as the Kentucky Wildcats downed the Kansas Jayhawks 67-59 in the National Championship Game in New Orleans, LA. And though most fans were out of the running after March Madness' first weekend of action, at least, many college hoops enthusiasts were correct on their championship game selections.

Now, if you're one of the few people that earned the crown in their office's bracket contests and you'd like a nice, clean updated printable bracket, click on the link and SB Nation will priovided you with one.

Meanwhile, here's's reaction to UK winning it all:

Kentucky Wildcats are National Champions (via sbnation)

For more 2012 NCAA Tournament coverage, follow our StoryStream. Also visit SB Nation for more March Madness coverage. Printable bracket can be viewed by clicking here.