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Big East Tournament 2012: Jim Calhoun Thanks Media

Yes, you read that headline correctly. After years of being most combative with the media, UConn head coach Jim Calhoun actually thanked his counterparts after beating DePaul 81-67 on Tuesday, reports Daniel Martin of

When discussing his health after recovering from a recent back surgery, Calhoun offered this:

"Thank God it’s no longer a nerve pain and I’m not walking with a cane anymore," he said, seeming upbeat. Then he added a joke: "I couldn’t walk with a cane on the sidelines because the officials might have been hit."

Then, he stunned the room.

"By the way, speaking on that note, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank, generally speaking, almost everybody in the media for the way you’ve treated this,"said Calhoun.

"You reported what happened, you didn’t make value judgments about it. I know people are going to talk about retirement, any other thing, because we’re talking about the sport," he continued. "But I have great respect, and generally speaking, for the way you’ve treated me and my family…"

One has to wonder if this is a change from the Calhoun we have come to know or just a moment that will prove to be fleeting. Either way, he and his team will be ready to go once more against West Virginia, Wednesday at noon.

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