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UConn 2013 NCAA Tournament Ban: Eligibility Decision Could Take Until July

The Connecticut Huskies men's basketball team currently faces a postseason NCAA Tournament ban in 2013 as part of their penalties for having a low APR. The NCAA is currently pondering rule changes which would allow UConn to qualify for the 2013 postseason using newer APR data.

Committee chairman Walter Harrison told The Associated Press Thursday that the committee plans to meet for three days in April, but it's not clear whether the academic reporting question can be resolved this spring, or will need further discussion when the committee meets in the summer.

"We don't know yet how many hearings we will need to hold in April," Harrison said via email. "That will determine how much time we can spend on the matter of the timing of penalties. So, I'm not comfortable with the word 'likely.' All I can say now is that we hope to have concluded our review of this policy question in either April or July." (via ESPN)

The doubt surrounding UConn's ability to play in the NCAA Tournament next season could impact the decisions of talented players who are thinking of leaving the program (Andre Drummond, Jeremy Lamb) or coming into the program. The deadline to declare for the NBA Draft is April 29.

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