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Obama Bracket 2012: The President Finds A Champion

For the fourth straight year at the White House, President Barack Obama took to his giant bracket and made his predictions for the country to debate.

With ESPN's Andy Katz, Obama believes North Carolina will take home the hardware for the second time in four years. This is good news for the Tar Heels because last time Obama picked them, Roy Williams was covered in confetti a few weeks later.

The rest of his Final Four is Missouri, Kentucky and Ohio State.

The president doesn't feel UConn has the chops to make hay this year, picking them to lose against Iowa State. He has similar feelings about the 12-seeded Harvard Crimson, whom he feels can't overcome Vanderbilt.

Obama doesn't have too much faith in most of the mid-majors this year, with VCU being his lowest seeded team to advance past the second round.

In an interesting twist, Obama did select every 10-seed to win its initial game before losing in the third round.

Obama's mini-cinderella is the Wolfpack of North Carolina State, who he thinks will reach the second week.

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