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Connecticut Huskies Basketball Proposes Self-Imposed Penalties To Reverse 2013 NCAA Tournament Ban

The University of Connecticut has proposed self-imposed penalties to reverse a 2013 NCAA tournament ban on the men's basketball team.

Facing academic sanctions that stand to disqualify it from the 2013 NCAA tournament, the University of Connecticut Huskies men's basketball program has proposed self-imposed penalties in exchange for a waiver that would reverse the NCAA decision, according to an Associated Press report.

UConn is currently slated to be withheld from the 2013 NCAA tournament due to years of sub-standard academic performance, but the school requested a waiver to overturn the ruling last month.

According to a document obtained by the Associated Press, the school has proposed to reduce the number of games on its schedule from 27 to 23 next season in return for a waiver that would grant the Huskies eligibility for the 2013 tournament. The school has also proposed to forfeit the revenue it would receive for making the 2013 tournament and limiting the amount of off-campus contact the coaching staff can have with recruits.

"Collectively, the university's proposal will clearly send the message that the institution fully accepts the responsibility for past failings," the school writes in its waiver request. "It will result in the economic equivalent of a postseason ban without harming the very students the NCAA is trying to protect."

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